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The Outsider’s Studio “Brings the Arts to Other Places and Spaces”
We are a mobile gallery and an arts event entity and currently go to locations in and around the Catskills showcasing artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians. If you have a space and would like us to do an Outsider’s event, please contact us, we’d love to discuss your ideas and our possibilities.
Contact Andrea Brown, or (607) 498-4547.


Again, I reiterate, WOW! Very exciting stuff. As a traditionalist, I am very jealous of the freedom all your artists and their artwork portrays. I have to begin to let loose. And as a teacher of traditional art, I find it most difficult to break away and just let it happen. But I keep trying. Good luck. You have really impressed me. I'll be teaching at the Catskill Art Society in the Manor again this summer. Hope to see you soon.
                                                                                                     -- Fred Sklenar, 6/14/11

Hi Andrea, I met you tonight at the story session "Baggage" at Flower Power tonight. Please keep me informed of your updates! I look forward to coming to your events.

                                                                                                     -- Leslie Krasne , 3/26/11

Such an amazingly cool idea!!!
                                                                                           -- Rachelle Carmack, 10/17/10

Showcasing the talent of artists
working outside the fringes of traditional art.


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The Outsider’s Studio “Brings the Arts to Other Spaces and Places”

 The Outsider's StudioRoscoe, NY(607) 498-4547
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